My full name is Christopher Robert Whonsetler, friends call me Chris and children in Guatemala call me WhonPhoto. Take your pick. I am a freelance photographer based in Indianapolis and available worldwide. I’m a fairly sarcastic, down to earth kind of guy with big ideas & ambitions.

I will never be able to see enough of the world, I am always thinking about my next trip. A bit of a coffee snob, my favorite beans come from a friend's family plantation in Guatemala. I love to cook, am jealous of great painters and musicians, and most importantly love my wife Stephanie and three boys Grayson, Calvin and Sawyer with all my heart! My interest in photography started in late middle school after my mother encouraged me to take photos in 4H. I fell in love. 

My love for photography grew through High School and eventually through College. Since graduation, I’ve been doing the solo freelance thing around the world. Photography is my way of revealing the way I see the world. Although photographers capture what already exists, how we choose to capture our subject matter stems from our personalities, and it is very evident in the images I create.

My goals as a photographer are to connect with businesses and help visually brand who they are, what they do, and where they do it. I love working with business owners who aren’t afraid of doing things a little unorthodox. Together we will create images that scream your message and populate your marketing & advertising with the personality of your business.

Documenting a Lifestyle

From Field to Table

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From Field To Table is a lifestyle/documentary of my journey into becoming more responsible with where my food comes from. My goal is to hunt, grow, forage, and source as much food as I can with my own hands or from people in my local network. Knowing that what I am feeding my family was grown/harvested humanely and properly is a huge factor in this lifestyle. I know the venison in my freezer was not raised in a barn force feed hormones. I know the duck in my cast iron migrated from somewhere up North vs hatched in a cage and never saw the light of the sun. I'm watching my fruits and vegetables grow from seed and teaching my boys when to pick them for peak flavors. Is it a perfect system, no. Are we exclusively eating this way, no. Would I like both answers to be yes, absolutely! We are doing the best we can and trying to document the learning curves along the way. 

A bit more about myself and where I came from. I was born and raised in Central Indiana, my father grew up on a farm, taught biology, grew a massive garden every year, and raised me to love and appreciate the outdoors. He did take me shooting a few times, but never hunting. It wasn’t until college that my best friend Josh introduced me to goose hunting. One trip out to a cornfield, one flock of geese dropping in on us, and I was hooked.

Since then I’ve become a generalist hunter who loves it all and isn’t afraid to give another avenue a go. I’m hooked on white-tails & ducks, but will chase just about anything I can put on my table! 

I started my garden when my wife and I bought our first house, just under 50 square feet it’s not nearly enough and we have big dreams of purchasing land, starting a homestead that will house chickens, bees, and goats, a massive garden upgrade and hopefully some whitetail & duck habitat. This is the right place to keep tabs on what I am up to and maybe some decent tips on how to get things up and running yourself should you have the desire.

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